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Mourning Commemoration of Imam Hussain
Commemoration of martyrdom of Imam Hussain (A.S.) and his faithful companions, was held in Sierra Leone in sevsral Mosques at first ten days of Muharram.
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One week workshop for Lectures, Preachers and Imams
The International Institute of Islamic Studies in cooperation with the Cultural Center of Islamic Ripublic of Iran in Sierra Leone and Ahlul Bayt World Assembly performed a "Short Course in Theology and Jurisprudence" from Monday 30th September till Sunday 6th October, 2013.
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Eid Al Ghadir
Celebration of Ghadir Khum and Avarding the Best lecture and student in previes academic year
Eid Al Ghadir was celebrated at the International Institute for Islamic Studies. In this program the Best teachers and excellent students in previous year were awarded.
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