News > One week workshop for Lectures, Preachers and Imams
News > One week workshop for Lectures, Preachers and Imams

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One week workshop for Lectures, Preachers and Imams

The International Institute of Islamic Studies in cooperation with the Cultural Center of Islamic Ripublic of Iran in Sierra Leone and Ahlul Bayt World Assembly performed a "Short Course in Theology and Jurisprudence" from Monday 30th September till Sunday 6th October, 2013
More than one hundred Lectures and Imams, participated in this workshop and received the certificate of the course. Subjects were taught by Dr. Javad Raghavi, Mr. Ghezelsofla, Sheikh Moaz Bah and Sheikh Mohammed Nayaly. His Excellency the Ambassador of Islamic Ripublic of Iran Mr. Bakhtiyary attended the closing ceremony of this course which was performed in the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Javad (A.S.).
Emphasising on the unity of Muslem,The Dierector of International Institute of Islamic Studies Dr raghavi Announced:
"Every person who prays toward the QIBLAH or testifies SHEHADATEIN (That there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad (PBUH) is the messenger of God) is a MUSLIM, therefore all Islamic sects are considered as Muslims and there should be kindness and tolerance between and among them.
ALKOFR (Disbelieving) is to deny the existence of God the Highest.
ALSHERK (polytheism) is divided in to two kinds; explicit polytheism and implicit polytheism.
Implicit polytheism can be gathered with faith and Islam. A person can be a believer even if he engages in implicit polytheism. “… And most of them (believers) do not believe in Allah without ascribing partners to Him”. (Holy Quran 12:106)
Explicit polytheism means to believe in two or more God; but the variety of interpretation of TOWHID (monotheism) is not considered as explicit polytheism.
Explicit polytheism is the direct opposite of faith but implicit polytheism does not necessarily mean the opposite of faith. Believers are not permitted to fight the non-believers except when they fight them. As long as they comport themselves towards the believers, they should not be bothered and they should be treated kindly and gently so that they would become attracted to Islam. “ is by Allah’s mercy that you are gentle to them; and had you being harsh heard hearted, surely they would have scattered from around you” (Quran 3:159) “ … you are labeled to imperil your life (out of distress) they will not have faith” (Quran 26:3) “ .. And indeed you possess a great character” (Quran 68:4).
As a way of following the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Muslims should not regard the others (Muslims) as “Mushrik” because of the existence of differences in opinions. Because, the result of calling the others Mushrik” is nothing but terrorism, violence and hatred and this would make Islam unattractive to others."

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